Sinotek would like to grow stronger and better with you together, our dear customers!

Aerospace: Hot isostatic process furnaces, heat treating, sintering, brazing furnaces, autoclaves. Semiconductor: Silicon pullers, gallium arsenate producers, furnaces.

Metalizing (metal heat treating): Heat treating furnaces, sintering, brazing furnaces etc. Fibers manufacturing: Carbonizing furnaces, graphitizing furnaces - induction or resistance tube furnaces.

Ceramics: Pyrolytic depositing furnaces, CVD furnaces, CVR furnaces. Quartz/Fused Silica manufacturing: Melting/Sintering furnaces. Float glass industry: Insulating fasteners (part of liners).

Tool manufacturing: Sintering and hot pressing.

OEM - Furnace manufacturing: High temperature furnaces. Universities and Government Research Centers: High temperature furnaces, fuel cells.

Our products are used in vacuum furnace. vanadium redox battery:Electrode, bi-polar plate.

  • ① Structural elements made of Carbon-Carbon Composite (CFC)
  • ② Rigid graphite felt board for thermal insulation
  • ③ Graphite heating elements and heating system
  • ④ Lining and structural elements in graphite
  • ⑤ Sliding, support and charging plates made in graphite